Making Jesus Unignorable on the Westside.


ValleyLight Church is a proud westside church.  Today it is unlikely you will meet an evangelical Christian on the westside. It is even more unlikely your neighbor, coworker, or teammate will share the hope found in Jesus with you. ValleyLight Church will be a bright city on a hill, making it impossible to ignore the real Jesus. We will clearly proclaim the truth of Jesus, and every person will have to decide to walk in the light of Christ or continue to live in the comfort of darkness.

We will do this by going to our communities on the westside with love and invitation. We will make the westside a better place to live for everyone. We will create an open, welcoming, and safe place to experience Christian teaching, worship, and life together. Members will grow, learn, and be more like Christ. Everyone part of ValleyLight will be the light of Christ where they live, work, and play. Every neighborhood, school, place of business, and recreational opportunity will have Christians intentionally shining for Jesus revealing His love. We will start new churches to be cities on a hill in under churched and new communities. No one on the westside will be able to ignore Jesus anymore.  

What We Value

Relationships over Religion

Generous in Everything

We Eat Together

Do More by Doing Less

Everyday Missionaries